Nominations for Student Blogging Challenge

For Week 10, Student Blogging Challenge, Mrs. Kelly’s 6B class nominates the LOL Blog and Sara’s blog. There were many interesting blogs, but it came down to these two blogs that stood out most to our class. One of my classmates, Toby will write about why our class nominated the LOL blog. So visit Toby’s blog to read more about the LOL Blog. Sara’s blog stood out because of her insightful quote, her amazing background, and her descriptive posts. Her blog also stood out because her animated widgets are not at all distracting. Great job Sara!

Week 10: Time to evaluate

For Week 10: I take a survey and also interviewed Jane on what she thought of my blog.

Question: What were your first impressions on my blog?

Answer: Hannah’ blog was amazingly organized.  She has great topic sentences which made me want to keep reading.

Question: What captured your attention?

Answer: Your bright and colorful background.  Also, her pictures.  To me pictures are what makes me read the post.

Question: What distracted you on my blog?

Answer: This question is hard because all your posts are well edited and amazing.

Question: What suggestions can you give me to improve my blog?

Answer: Honestly I don’t see anything wrong with your blog.  Keep up the great work!

Visit Jane’s blog!!!!!!!!!!!

Week 9: Count out Three

For Week 9, Student Blogging Challenge, I visited three blogs. I visited Katie’s Blog, Catherine’s Blog, and Madeline’s Blog.

Katie’s Blog: Her blog was very interesting with many pictures. She had a blog roll of her classmates and other classes. I enjoyed reading her posts and her Tagxedo of Adverbs.

Catherine’s Blog: She had great posts of pictures, stories, and her videos. I really liked her video on Avi’s books and her story on “Gold” and Gold.

Madeline’s Blog: Her blog had a lot of videos and pictures. Many of her posts were filled with many descriptions that were interesting. I also liked her widget of the sharks underwater.

Week 8: Game Preparation

For the Week 8, Student Blogging Challenge, I am writing about how schools should have computers in class.

In middle or high school, I think all students should have computers to learn, research, and also to take notes. Having computers for educational purposes are really useful for middle and high schoolers. For example when taking notes we can type faster and it usually takes shorter time. As we get older there are more essays and paragraphs that take longer time to write so using the computer helps. Also using computers can help with researching for history on anything. When using the computer there are learning games that make learning fun and enjoyable. The computer can be used in many educational ways. I think all students should be able to have computers if they learn and if they use it productively.


Week 6: Volunteer Work

For the Student Challenge Blogging,Week 6 I decided to write about the types of volunteer work I would enjoy. I would enjoy volunteering at a puppy shelter because I love being around dogs. Most dogs in the shelter are restricted from leaving their cages causing them to be lonely. I would like to  spend time with the dogs in the shelter by walking, feeding, and cleaning them. The dogs in the shelter are usually abandoned so just by stopping by can help and bring joy to the dogs. I would really like to volunteer and help a dog's life.



Week 4: Make it Global

In Week 4 of the Student Blogging Challenge, we write about whats going around the world. I chose to do mine on the African children that are dying each year.  Here are facts I found on this site, Survive to Fire. There are 7.6 million kids under five years old that die each year. The African Children suffer from malnutrition, pneumonia, malaria, and many other reasons. Every four seconds a child dies. There was a baby named Moses who’s mother died after giving birth to him and he soon died. Moses died from diarrhea, lack of clean water, and medical help.

Survive to Fire helps the African children by donating money, helping, and sponsoring. The money they raise helps the children with health care, clean water, food, and prevention of malaria. They also have gifts to sell which goes to help African children.

There are many ways you can help to make a difference. You can donating money, pray for them, or sponsor a kid. Every thing donated helps a child in need. There’s a video to watch below.  After reading about the African Children would you want to help?

Picture sources: Survive to Fire