5 thoughts on “My Tourist Attractions!!

  1. G’day Hannah,
    What a great Prezi about Los Angeles. I have been to a few of those places when I visited LA on holidays.

    Was this the first Prezi you had created?

  2. Hey Hannah,
    Hey there I love your blog it’s so cool.
    I like the video you posted on your blog.
    I’ve been to all the places in your video and I love the puppy on the top of your blog it’s so cute.
    I was wondering have you really been to Hollywood or if you just made a video on what you can see and do there.
    Even if you haven’t it’s really fun there.
    Talk to you later bye for now.

  3. Hey Hannah,
    My name is Magan Crum and I am a student in EDM 310 at the University of South Alabama, in Mobile, Al. I was looking over your Prezi and I was so amazed at your work. You would not believe that a twenty-one year old still could not figure this thing out. We had a blog post assignment and we had a choice to create Prezi or something else. I first went to the Prezi site and tried to do one. Although I am older I could not figure it out. I am sure your trip to LA was super fun. I have been there but I was a lot younger therefore I don’t remember. I look forward to taking my future children there to see the sites you have seen. Your uses of technology are excellent keep up the good work. I will be commenting on your post for one more week. I hope to see a new post soon.

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