Week 6: Volunteer Work

For the Student Challenge Blogging,Week 6 I decided to write about the types of volunteer work I would enjoy. I would enjoy volunteering at a puppy shelter because I love being around dogs. Most dogs in the shelter are restricted from leaving their cages causing them to be lonely. I would like to  spend time with the dogs in the shelter by walking, feeding, and cleaning them. The dogs in the shelter are usually abandoned so just by stopping by can help and bring joy to the dogs. I would really like to volunteer and help a dog's life.



6 thoughts on “Week 6: Volunteer Work

  1. Hey Hannah,
    I loved your video on volunteering at puppy shelters! I work at a shelter too! maybe we can work together!
    From, Carly

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  3. Hey Hannah!! My name is Hannah aslo. I also have a bog too. My username is Shanequa 101 an dmy blog’s name is Hannah’s blog:D… yeah with the smilece and everything. So yeah check that out. To really comment on your post I hate dogs. I’m not saying this to be ride but I am deathly allergic to them so I dont have a reasont to like them. On the briht side, now you know somehting about me hun 🙂 Anyways check out my blog its pretty funny. See yah

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