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Anneliese Frank was born on June 12,1929 in Frankfurt, Germany. She spent most of her childhood in Amsterdam to be safe from Hitler. But then the Germans invade the Netherlands causing the Jews to be under their control. The Franks decide to go into to hiding to be safer when Margot her older sister gets a letter from the Germans. During the time Anne Frank is in hiding she kept a diary. She wrote everything that happened during her time in the Annex. On August 4,1944 they are found and taken away.  Later Anne Frank dies with her sister of typhus. Otto her dad, the only survivor comes back and publishes her diary.


My Expectations

The reason I chose to read about Anne Frank was because I heard it was a great book. I saw a play of Anne Frank and really enjoyed it. The play was very interesting and it made me want to learn more about her.  I wanted to learn more about the holocaust and Anne Frank. I expected the book to be about her life since the book is her diary. I also expected it to talk about how life was and the requirements under the rule of the Germans.  When the Germans took control all the rules were changed like Jews weren’t allowed to have shops of their own. They were also required to wear a yellow star everywhere they went. After reading her diary, it had every one of my expectations. It was a great and very interesting book.


In The Diary of a Young, the protagonist is Anne Frank who is brave. She is in hiding with her family from the Germans and  was also part of the holocaust. She writes about the things that happen in hiding which she keeps in her dairy.  For example in her diary she writes about when they hear a noise and not knowing whats going to happen next, she still believes they is hope. She believes there is going to be a day where she come out and be able to live her life without being under the German’s rule. When she still dreams about coming out a hiding she won’t give up which helps her grow to be a stronger person. As a result in the end Anne Frank learns and grows to be a courageous person.

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